Frequently asked questions about the RugDAO

How do I convert $RUG to $RDAO?

You can claim $RUG and convert $RUG to $RDAO on the claim dashboard.

How do I vote on proposals?

You can vote on active proposals on the RugDAO Platform.

An archive of past proposals can be found on Snapshot.

How can I submit an idea?

You can submit ideas in the proposal-ideas forum in our Discord (Token gated for $RDAO holders only).

We are currently in the process of building a formal, more robust DAO platform where proposals, commentary, and voting will all live in one place.

How can I view stats about the DAO?

To see stats such as $RDAO holders and circulating $RDAO tokens, check out our Dune Dashboard.

Where can I find the treasury and team wallets?

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