The objective of the Creator Framework is provide a community-based system for participation in a decentralized media ecosystem where creators get rewarded for effort and attention.


Each of us at Rug Radio are doing our part to build the world where we decide on our own narrative. For this space, our generation and the future. In order for that to become a reality, we are building Rug Radio to be a free and open, media organization founded on a DAO (decentralized autonomous organization) where the community comes together to shape the narrative and own the memes of production.

This document is a foundational set of values that we strive to adhere to as a collective.


  1. Objective

  2. Values

  3. Guidelines

  4. Code of Conduct

  5. Conflict Resolution


The objective of the Creators Framework is to provide a community-based system for participation in a decentralized media ecosystem where creators and participants get rewarded for effort and attention.

Creator Network Guidelines

Personal Sovereignty and Responsibility Recognize the power to shape the world into a culture of freedom, equity, and abundance for all groups of people. We recognize the power we have to shape the world and we make an effort in all that we do to uphold a culture of freedom and abundance. Within this we take responsibility for our actions and always strive to participate from a place of kindness and empathy.

Community-Centric Values for Maximum Benefit to All Each individual is sovereign, we are interdependent and the good for the community is also our own benefit and responsibility.

This means that while each individual is sovereign, we all also recognize that we are interdependent and the good of the community is also our own benefit and responsibility. It means that the community works together to steer the ship and build the world we all want to live in.

Decentralization of Power and Wealth Create systems that decentralize power and wealth to individuals. We use crypto technology and our structural frameworks to ensure that we maintain a DAO that strives towards decentralization.

Creator Network Guidelines

Rug Radio is a community led by its Creators and we welcome all creators and their communities who are interested in an ecosystem that abides by the following guidelines. We're pioneering what a decentralized, free, and inclusive global community can look like, and you are the face of that!

Code of Conduct

  1. Act in good faith.

  2. When discussing sensitive and contentious issues, especially related to identity, the utmost care and compassion will be used in the language used to communicate.

  3. Be respectful.

  4. No harassing or engaging with people in a way that they find harmful, abusing, or unwanted. If they ask to stop engaging with them, then that boundary will be respected.

  5. No personal attacks against community members or inciting the community against them.

  6. If there is a dispute or complaint by a community member/s, then it can be handled with the conflict resolution system.

  7. All hosts will disclose paid promotions or any financial incentive they have to share a particular viewpoint or opinion.

  8. No hate speech (e.g. racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, xenophobia, or prejudice against a religious group).

  9. No incitement to violent action, including deplatforming, hacking, personal injury, economic injury, or attack in any way of persons and business connected to a person or group of individuals.

  10. Plagiarism and using others’ IP without their consent.

  11. No false advertising.

  12. No NSFW content without clear warning

Conflict Resolution

  1. A form will be available for filing a complaint against a creator.

  2. The Head of Creators will review the complaints and come to a conclusion with their reasoning available in a public document, including next steps toward conflict resolution.

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