The Partnerships framework is designed to clarify and guide any DAO member relating to establishing partnerships.


To provide a community-based system for soliciting, recording, and deciding upon partnerships within the Rug Radio ecosystem. The goals of these partnerships are to generate revenue (both for the DAO and our creators), grow the utility of our ecosystems of tokens, support and elevate underrepresented voices in the community, and provide concrete benefits for holders.

Partnerships offered by Rug Radio

Events/Conferences/Meetups - Hosted by Rug Radio with sponsors/partners - - Custom branded RR Activations (e.g., RR host a panel at a tentpole event) - - Rug Radio integrates into a third-party event (e.g., be the web3 content partner for a traditional web two conference)

Rug Radio Shows and Projects - Show advertising - Helping launch new projects for a percentage of mint and/or secondary royalties - Integrated content (Rug Radio produces content) - Giveaways - Allowlists - Community (Nonprofits/Rug Radio token holders) - Hosts sponsorship/moderators/event topic speakers at events - Talent management - Develop custom project solutions for brands using Rug Radio's expertise in NFTs and web3 which is especially helpful for web two companies transitioning into web3.


Branded Content - Projects host their show on Rug Radio (e.g., Metascapes) - Talent services - Custom NFT releases - Project consulting

Community - Speaker request for Rug Radio speakers/hosts to speak at local community events - Volunteer opportunities

Token Utility - Increases the value of the token - Allowlists - Discount codes (work with brands to provide the tech for giving discounts for our rug holders).

DAO Partnerships - Work with other DAOS (DAO to DAO partnerships) for charity & cause - Be a media partner for DAOs and projects in the space.

Ideal Partners

Native Web3 Companies - NFT Projects/DAOS - Infrastructure/Marketplaces/Protocols

Media Partnerships for Syndication - Partner with an existing media partner for distribution/reach. Rug Radio could act as their web3 news/content partner.

Web 2 Companies - Have a strong interest in Web 3 Ideals - Ideally meets most of the criteria of our Nice to Have Guidelines below. - Nice to have guidelines, especially for Web 2/Larger Organizations - Focus on Diversity (Reflective in the management team) - Focus on Environment (Practices that reduce harm to the environment) - Focus on Equity (Programs or Thoughts on equity and inclusivity) - Focus on Social Good (Charitable/Philanthropic efforts)

Partnership Criteria

Partners must agree to hold a minimum amount of Rug NFTs for at least 12 months.

Who would we not partner with? 1. No political advertising, any partner that supports hate towards a group of people, however, politicians can be guests 2. No sexists/racists/anti-queer/anti-semitism/terrorism 3. No religious partnerships 4. No solicitation or promotion of sex work/prostitution

Organizational Structure

The Rug Radio core team will hire a Head of Partnerships whose success should be measured by the amount of revenue brought in and the volume of partnership deals brought in quarterly. The Head of Partnerships is responsible for building a team (the "Partnership Team") that scales with the growth of the rest of the ecosystem.

The Partnership Team should report the number of proposals received quarterly and approval percentages.

Finance, Payments, & Billing

  • RugDAO gets 15% of the revenue generated from Rug Radio Creators who bring a partnership to their show.

  • We accept ETH, USDC, & USD

  • It is up to the discretion of the Head of Partnership to develop terms.

  • The partnerships team will do its best to equitably and equally distribute partnerships across the multiple hosts.

    • RR brings the partnership to the host; the Core team defines who gets payments and at what rate.

    • The party that brings any partnership in (including hosts or general DAO members) will be paid a 10% deal commission for the partnership. In the case where this is a host, this payment would be in addition to any other revenue resulting from the partnership.

    • For clarity, all partnerships have a 10% commission payable to the party that brings that partnership to the table.

    • A high level overview of agreements approved by the Partnership Team should be made to the DAO. Disclosure is required if there are cash and in-kind contributions for each partnership.

Community-driven Partnerships


  • A Partnership Committee of 5 DAO members should be formed to handle community-submitted partnership proposals. The 5 DAO members will be selected by the core team and approved with a DAO vote. Members should serve staggered 6-month terms in order to keep knowledge shared on the committee. The Committee will be responsible for proposal selection and adherence to the Partnership Framework.

  • The Partnership Committee will be responsible for evaluating non-revenue generating partnerships.

What are the qualifying criteria for a non-revenue partnership?

  • Community projects are those for organizations that can not afford to work with Rug Radio. Uses "remnant inventory," i.e., "this show is brought to you by public radio." -

  • Matches our Values

  • This is a token holder benefit, and if you hold a Rug Radio NFT, you can submit your project/organization for a community slot.

Approvals Process

  1. Any Rug Radio token holder should be able to submit a partnership proposal in an open and transparent process. $RDAO token utility includes the ability to propose partnerships to the DAO.

  2. Token holders can fill out a Partnership Proposal form

  3. Form goes to Partnership Committee for initial approval

  4. Based on the Partnership Committee's initial approval, a proposal will be requested from the submitter.

  5. Proposals selected and realized will receive a 10% bounty awards in $RUG of deal amount

Fields needed for initial approval

  1. Submitter (name/wallet/Discord username)

  2. Company/Partner Name

  3. Company/Partner Background

  4. Partnership Type (see the top of the document)

  5. Specifics of Partnership

  6. Rug Radio Deliverables/Support required

  7. Sponsorship Amount

  8. Date

  9. Duration

  10. Success KPIs OKRs

  11. How does this partnership benefit holders of $RUG, member passes, and Genesis NFT?

Proposal Disputes

DAO and core team can veto a "yes" from the partnerships committee and/or the DAO Operational Council but cannot veto a "no" (there may be privileged information that only the committee has).

Approval Matrix

What kind of proposals require DAO votes?

The Partnership sub-committee can raise anything perceived as offensive for review with the larger DAO.

How do you know a partnership is not the right fit for the DAO?

  • Partner is not aligned with our values, or the partner's actions would harm the reputation of Rug Radio.

  • The founder/Executive team has a current/or open dispute of harassment, racism, hate, etc.

  • Founding team members have rug-pulled in the past (Learning does not excuse a rug pull).

  • An organization that has been responsible for misinformation on Web3

How does the DAO handle partnership disputes?

What does a partnership dispute mean?

  • Partner does not feel they have received the value they thought they were being offered.

  • The host did not do the thing they said they would do.


  • We support our creators; if they feel uncomfortable with a partnership, they have the right of first refusal on them.

  • Hosts are not responsible for settling disputes with their sponsors. This is part of the value that the Rug Radio team provides to the hosts.

  • All partnerships/agreements should be drafted by lawyers and receive legal review before execution.


  • The quorum must be met to vote. Ex: in a five-person meeting, at least three people would have to be present to vote

  • Quadratic voting


The data we report is specific to each partnership and could include, but are not limited to, some of the below KPIS:

Audience Stats - How much eth is in the wallets? - Community Overlaps (e.g. what other communities are they a part of?) - How do we approach the traditional desire for (age, gender, location type data points given the annon, desire in web 3)

Show Listener/Viewer Stats - The average number of listeners/views - Length of engagement (e.g. how long does the average person listen for?) - Active participants - Giveaway entrants

Host Stats - Brand - Number of followers - Shows - Topics/interests

Partnerships Results/Campaign Stats - Reach (e.g. total views/listens/submissions) - Length of engagement - Active participants - Giveaway entrants

Conflict of Interest Policy

Hosts/Core Team/ DAO Partnership Councils cannot transact any NFTs or within any protocols related to the partnership for six months within the effective partnership date.

Hosts within a partner deal should disclose any holdings when referring to specific projects to the audience.

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