Creator Proposal

The Creator Proposal framework outlines the process for creators to put forth a proposal to receive treasury allocation to execute an idea.


  1. Outline the process for Creators within the Rug Radio ecosystem to put forth a proposal to receive treasury allocation to execute an idea

  2. Use the treasury efficiently to grow the ecosystem by empowering creators

  3. Create a fair system that empowers the most people without bias

  4. Protect the Rug Radio ecosystem against bad actors

  5. Create a highly competitive web3 media platform.


This initial framework is designed to onboard content creators to the Rug Radio ecosystem and expand its current scope. Within this framework, we propose a community-elected "Creators Committee” to be formed to ensure the scalability of the creator framework. The Creator Proposal Framework should serve four objectives. The Creator Subcommittee will judge proposals based on the following criteria:

  1. Provide the highest possible value to the overall ecosystem, including creators, holders, and participants

  2. Use treasury funds to develop functionality and tools on the platform to serve creators in the most impactful way and to benefit the most people.

  3. Support the most active creators and hosts who are creating content on the platform and growing their audience.

  4. Partner with community members to help them launch IP-based media and content in the form of an NFT project.

Proposal Framework

The Head of Creators will offer an open 30-day proposal period to collect proposals from the community to understand the types of projects the community wants to develop. At the same time, the "Creators Committee” will be elected by the community, and when the submission window closes, the Creators Committee will begin the process of parsing the data collected to create the initial proposal framework and offer the first project proposals for the community to vote on. In creating the framework, and selecting the first proposals, the Creators Committee will keep in mind the following objectives of the Creators grant proposal system:

  1. Value to the ecosystem and benefit the Rug Radio community as a whole.

  2. Adherence to the Rug Radio values and brand.

  3. We aim to offer 3 types of grants, which may be expanded based on the community's needs and the information collected in the initial proposal window. Those grants include: a. Project Development for Rug Radio hosts. b. Developing communal tools and features on the platform that will benefit the most creators, and the Rug Radio ecosystem at large. c. Community-created NFT projects.

All initial submissions should be a short summary submission. This will be no longer than 1 page in length and will be an outline of the core objectives of the proposal. This will help expedite the process and also ensure that the community's time investment is low to begin with. Once your proposal is approved as an outline the submitter will have 2 weeks to submit a full-length, detailed proposal for review and voting.


STEP 1: Setting up the system (30 days): The first step is to transition to the new permanent committee and to gather information from the community to be able to create a robust grant proposal system that serves the ecosystem and community in the most impactful and efficient way possible. During this time, the following will happen, overseen by the Head of Creators: 1. 30-day open proposal submission period 2. Creation of a more permanent “Creators Committee” which will be elected by the community.

STEP 2: Understanding the community's needs (2-3 months): The new Creators Committee will look at the collection of proposals and use the framework provided to: 1. Offer the first set of proposals to be voted on by the community. 2. Create a permanent grant proposal system using the previously mentioned guidelines.

Creators Committee


  1. Serve the Rug Radio community of creators and hosts

  2. Establish an understanding of community needs and leverage points, and to create the proposals for Treasury fund allocation to meet those needs.

  3. Review and filter Host Grant Submissions for highest resonance with the values of the Rug Radio community before offering up to community vote.

  4. Monitor the market and community to ascertain ways to continually improve and adapt the Creator Community framework over time.

  5. Assess security and equity risks, issues, and present solutions to the community.


  1. Assessing complaint submissions and determining a course of action.

  2. Receiving and filtering Host Grant Proposals.

  3. Using community feedback, polls, the Host Grant Proposal submissions, and other strategies to determine the highest leverage points for growing the capacity and reach of our Hosts and Creators, and proposing Treasury withdrawals to fund that area of growth (e.g. developing Rug Radio community marketplace in collaboration with Manifold to allow our creators to mint easily on their own contracts within the system, OR licensing SEO software to allow creators to optimize their content for web search discovery, etc.)

  4. Quarterly review of the best and worst practices within the Creator Community (Both creators and governance) and proposed solutions to improve overall performance

  5. Set up the voting system and answer questions like: 5a. How many proposals will go to the community and on what timeline? 5b. Who creates the final proposals that are put up for voting by the community? 5c. What technology and system will be used? (Refer to the Voting SubDAO framework)


Structure The structure of the Creators Committee will be 5 people who serve 6 month terms with no term limits. Every six months, they will be confirmed or replaced through a vote by the community.

The community will assess: 1) Their commitment and activity level. 2) Their ability to deliver on their role. 3) Their relationship with creators and hosts. 4) The overall contribution they made to developing and improving the Creator Community.

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