Core Team Operations

The Core Team Operations Framework outlines how the business of the DAO operates and who is responsible for that.


To represent the community's interest and needs in DAO governance, develop the RugDAO strategy, and have oversight of the overall management and operations of the ecosystem. This framework puts forth actions needed for operational efficiency between the core team and the Rug Radio community as it begins its journey as a DAO

Core Building Blocks (Macro)

  1. The current DAO Council will be dissolved at the end of the framework process. Within this a new proposal will be put forward by the core team that will be for a “DAO Operational Council”. This will be made up of new members that have the focus, skill and qualifications to work alongside the Core Team on complex operational matters.

  2. Once the Rug Radio founding team moves under the DAO, it will submit an initial outline of talent, resources and budgets needed for DAO operations for 6 months. This proposal includes a summary of the successes to date and things that need improvement moving forward from a day-to-day operational standpoint.

  3. Head of operations collates the team requirements and ensures the DAO council sub committees are aligned with these ground realities while building frameworks for treasury, partnerships, sub-DAO's, and the tokenomics side of things.

  4. Three nominees from the DAO council sub-committee will be put forth to join the core founding team to develop a strategic business LRP (long range plan) detailing objectives, timelines and KPIs for the RugDAO to achieve in 6 months starting in August 2022. The nominees will be chosen by the core team and finalized by the Council's majority approval.

  5. The strategic LRP business plan can be presented as a suggested path forward to members of the RugDAO for clarity of purpose, vision and direction the media company will take.

  6. It will be the responsibility of the Rug Radio core founding/executive team to pursue goals and the day to day management of the RugDAO ecosystem.

  7. The RugDAO council members take the role of advisors and meet on a quarterly basis with the core team to keep checks and balances in place, evaluate work efficiencies and summarized in writing by a note taker within the meeting

Core Team Framework (Micro)

RugDAO Talent & People management

  1. A full-time hiring headcount will be put forth by the core team and approved by the DAO on a quarterly basis.

  2. Immediate positions needing to be filled include a Head of Partnerships, legal council and an accountant. Other positions that the team can consider include Marketing & Communications.

  3. Job profiles, salary benchmarking and decision making on packages may be decided by the core team with advice from the DAO Operations Council.

  4. Any conflict of interest, infringement of copyright, privacy, misbehavior by any team or community member when flagged must be brought to the attention of the council immediately and a process of actions activated between the legal and talent teams.

RugDAO Operations & Management

  1. Within the first month of beginning the DAO workings, a core group of leaders which includes the Rug Radio founding team, key leads and a nominee from each DAO sub council will be appointed to a DAO Operations Council who are accountable for DAO operations and management. This group will be responsible for agreeing on all major decisions that need to be put forward for the DAO community vote.

  2. Reporting structures within the core working team can be agreed with the council and the community informed of leads on major projects. The Rug Core team commits to keeping a clear and easy to access documentation center of all the various projects and activities within the building of the project.

  3. All major updates and upcoming initiatives by teams need to be mentioned in the quarterly meetings between working team and included in the monthly community update report.

  4. New initiatives that require treasury spending need DAO approval and a vote; however, decisions that include participation at events, branding opportunities or partnership plays need not be put to a community vote. Such decisions will be taken by working team members with council advisors as needed. A budget will be allocated to the Core team which can be deployed without specific reporting and approval for each spend.

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