Rewards Program

Learn more about our Rewards Program where you can earn $RUG, our utility token, and use it throughout the ecosystem.

Note: The rewards program is currently in the process of being restructured, and more features will be coming soon.

What is the Rewards Program?

The Rug Radio Participate-to-Govern Loyalty Rewards Program is designed to reward our members for listening to Rug Radio shows.

How does it work?

Signing Up

You can sign up and opt-in to the program on the XpandRewards platform.

  • You will need a Metamask wallet with a little bit of ETH in it to pay the transaction fee.

  • Once connected, you can begin earning tokens by listening to shows on Rug Radio.

Genesis Rug Multiplier

If you own multiple Genesis NFTs, you can earn even more $RUG.

  • Hold 5 Rugs - 25% more $RUG

  • Hold 10 Rugs - 40% more $RUG

  • Hold 25 Rugs - 55% more $RUG

  • Hold 50 Rugs - 75% more $RUG

If you hold these NFTs in a different wallet, you will need to delegate that wallet to your rewards wallet with, and then re-verify in Discord to get your role.


What type of Rewards can I get?


You can earn $RUG just by listening to Rug Radio Shows. We are currently testing this with GM Web3, and our bi-weekly Town Hall, with the goal of bringing listen-to-earn to every Rug Radio creator.

How can I use my $RUG tokens?

Participate in RugDAO Governance

You can exchange 1,800 $RUG tokens for 1 $RDAO token which grants you voting rights within the RugDAO; this means that YOU have a say in key decisions that are made within the Rug Radio ecosystem. Learn more about the RugDAO in RugDAO section.

How do I sign up?

Check out this video that outlines the steps to get started and learn more on the Xpand Rewards site.

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