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Rewards Program

Learn more about our Rewards Program where you can earn $RUG, our utility token, and use it throughout the ecosystem.
Loyalty Rewards - Rug Radio
Learn more about the rewards program and sign up on our website!

What is the Rewards Program?

The Rug Radio Participate-to-Govern Loyalty Rewards Program is designed to reward our members for doing what you already do: engage and share about the project. You get rewarded with $RUG token for liking, commenting, and sharing hashtags related to Rug Radio and our creators on Twitter. You can also earn $RUG by listening to Rug Radio shows and completing bounties. We encourage our community to participate, earn $RUG, and join our innovative DAO, which guides our governance and decision-making through community.
Learn more about the program here.
Learn more about our philosophy here.

How does it work?

Signing Up

You can sign up and opt-in to the program on the XpandRewards platform.
  • You will need a Metamask wallet with a little bit of ETH in it to pay the transaction fee
  • Once your wallet is assigned to the Rewards Program smart contract, you are ready to add your Twitter.
  • Once connected, you can begin earning tokens through sharing and commenting on the Rug Radio official Twitter account. You can also use any of the project or show hashtags to share about your favorite shows and earn $RUG.

Genesis Rug Multiplier

If you own multiple Genesis NFTs, you can earn even more $RUG.
  • Hold 5 Rugs - 25% more $RUG
  • Hold 10 Rugs - 40% more $RUG
  • Hold 25 Rugs - 55% more $RUG
  • Hold 50 Rugs - 75% more $RUG
If you hold these NFTs in a different wallet, you will need to delegate that wallet to your rewards wallet with, and then re-verify in Discord to get your role.


  • Your Twitter account must be active, have 50 followers and be following 50 people, and be at least 30 days old
  • You also must own a Membership Pass or a Genesis NFT
Note: These requirements may change over time, as the program will be continually evolving to meet the needs of the ecosystem.

What type of Rewards can I get?

Rug Radio Twitter

  • Comment: 1 $RUG per comment - Max. 2 comments per day
  • Like: 1 $RUG per like - Max. 2 likes per day
  • Hashtag: 1 $RUG per use - Max. 1 use per day


You can earn $RUG just by listening to Rug Radio Shows. We are currently testing this with GM Web3, and our bi-weekly Town Hall, with the goal of bringing listen-to-earn to every Rug Radio creator.

Completing Bounties

You can also earn $RUG by completing bounties. The amount that you can earn on each bounty will vary, and new bounties are added each week.

How much can I earn?

5 $RUG per day for Twitter engagement, plus bounties, listen-to-earn, and more in the pipeline.

How can I use my $RUG tokens?

Participate in RugDAO Governance

You can exchange 1,800 $RUG tokens for 1 $RDAO token which grants you voting rights within the RugDAO; this means that YOU have a say in key decisions that are made within the Rug Radio ecosystem. Learn more about the RugDAO in RugDAO section.

Rewards Store

Our rewards store is live at where you can use your $RUG tokens to redeem rewards such as NFTs within our ecosystem and more coming soon.

How do I sign up?

Check out this video that outlines the steps to get started and learn more on the Xpand Rewards site.

Terms & Conditions

We discourage spammy use of any of our hashtags, and we will be auditing members’ use of our hashtags and our creators’ hashtags. If use appears spammy, then we will warn the user. If the practice continues, we will ban the user.
Also, if it appears that an inauthentic account is engaging in our program, we will ban it from participation. Discretion will be in the hands of our administrators.