Rug Radio

DAO Operational Council

The DAO Operational Council oversees the administration of the DAO with a key focus on reviewing proposals and acting as a liaison between the community, Rug Radio staff, and Strategic advisors.
Background: MoonSafari is a numismatist & photographer & previously worked in the film industry as a studio lighting technician.
He's been into crypto since 2015 & is a huge proponent of decentralization & creating equitable partnerships between platforms, creators, & users through NFT technology.
Twitter: SPQRist
Background: Yaffe is a Web3 enthusiast and DAO advocate actively helping to build a more decentralized future. He is also a proud husband and father embracing all things degen and decentralized media.
Twitter: Jay4nft
Tanja Nicole Gee
Background: Tanja works for a leading IPTV & Digital Communications company.
She is also a former award-winning DJ, event producer & promoter as well as a dedicated mom and proud law graduate.
She also joined Web3 in 2021, and has been a dedicated RDAO Council Member and contributor to DAO governance strategy.
Twitter: TanjaNicoleG
Background Kenobi was a part of the original 33-person community-elected DAO Council.
He is also the co-founder of the web3 event MΞLD and he dabbles in making art.
During the day, he runs his boutique urban design firm working on large civic and institutional design projects. Twitter: KenobiDesigns
Background During the day, Daito works at a large asset management firm and is currently developing their Web3/Metaverse social media strategy. As an anonymous Zombie with no previous professional writing experience, he became a writer for Gary Vaynerchuk's magazine, ONE37pm.
Twitter: DaitoYoshi
Background: 2160 is a crypto advocate since 2017, NFT degen since 2020, strategic advisor for the Artifex Project, and enthusiastic collector.
He is also a dedicated husband, father, and big tech professional, and has been apart of the Rug Radio community since inception on Twitter Spaces.
Twitter: rekt2160
Jen Marie
Background: JenMarie is a singer/songwriter and content creator currently building in Web3.
Before taking the leap, she spent eight years as a producer at two major networks. From natural disasters to political campaigns, JenMarie has covered it all while keeping human interest at the forefront.
She has been into crypto since 2019 and started collecting NFTs in 2021. Being from Tulsa, OK, JenMarie understands the need for ownership and decentralization to ensure everyone has equal access to capital and partnerships through technology in Web3.
Twitter: jenmarieinc