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NFTs & Tokens

Faces of Web3 (RR x CVL PFP)

Membership Pass

Genesis NFT

Mic Check Edition

$RUG & $RDAO Tokens

Note: Some contract addresses are not currently verified on Etherscan as they are proprietary, closed-core contracts developed by SyndicateDAO. As a result, they won't be verified until they open-source their code.
If you would prefer to claim your $RUG or $RDAO via a verified contract, you can do so via this verified contract where you will be able to do the following and more...
  • Check "Claim" amounts for Genesis NFTs you want to purchase from Marketplaces
  • Check "Last claim" for a particular Genesis NFT
  • Bulk claim $RUG tokens
  • Claim the available amount of $RUG tokens