Rug Radio Staff

The Rug Radio Staff is responsible for representing the community's interest and needs within the DAO, developing the RugDAO Strategy, and the overall management and operations of the ecosystem.

Farokh, Founder & Co-CEO

About Farokh began his media journey in 2011, with the creation of Goodlife, a Tumblr blog that quickly became one of the largest luxury blogs on the platform.

Three years later, in 2014, the brand expanded to Instagram and within two years, it had amassed a network of over 10,000,000 followers. By 2018, Goodlife Media & Communication had taken ownership of one of the largest luxury and real estate distribution networks on Instagram, which now boasts over 13 million followers and generates over 250 million impressions per month.

Twitter: farokh

Loxley, Co-CEO

About Loxley has been an active member of the Rug Radio community since the initial mint. Prior to his involvement with the NFT radio platform, Loxley had spent over a decade as a tech founder and operator. During this time, he had established an e-commerce outlet that quickly grew to become a $30 million business within just a few short years.

In 2015, Loxley developed a micro-financing payment platform that was specifically designed for e-commerce businesses. He successfully exited this venture and went on to establish a venture capital fund in 2019.

Twitter: Loxley_eth

Gldncrypt0, Executive Producer & Creators

About Jazz oversees audio/video content curation, streaming systems, and podcast management across the platform. In addition, Jazz produces the GM/GN Web3 shows and co-produces for Rekt Radio while also facilitating sponsored partners for the shows.

Drawing upon a deep connection and understanding of the creators on the platform, Jazz provides high-level production support to individual hosts as needed to enhance the quality of their shows.

Twitter: gldncrypt0

Quinn, VP of Operations

About Previous to Rug Radio, Quinn was VP of Growth for NFT.NYC and NFT.Kred, working with leading enterprise brands like PwC, SAP, and Coach, guiding them into the web3 landscape.

Quinn has a MS in Entrepreneurship and a Ph.D. in Human Sciences, focused on consumer behavior. Her research specifically investigates how the design of new and innovative products influences preference using eye-tracking technology.

Twitter: qbuttonphd

Chana, Partnerships

About Chana has an impressive track record as the founder and CEO of a global web2 Educational Technology Non Profit. Since embarking on her Web3 journey, she has become a partner in Digital Wealth Fund (DeFi), an advisor for Animoca Brands subsidiary Tiny Tap, and the founder of London Women Leading Web3.

Twitter: inNFTland

Ryan, PR & Comms

About Ryan's focus is on developing and implementing effective internal and external communication strategies. Drawing upon his background in technical operations at Google, Ryan has proven his ability to successfully lead initiatives aimed at improving communication among teams of up to 500 members.

Twitter: Ryguyy__

Jennifer, Art Director

About Jenn's design career began in the publishing world, where she worked with esteemed companies such as PAPER, Hearst, Time Inc., and CondΓ© Nast. She also lent her expertise to Victoria's Secret Beauty and spent several years at NBCUniversal creating designs for some of the most thrilling events in entertainment, including the Emmys. Additionally, Jenn has collaborated with Walmart to create branding and product design for a home line endorsed by Miranda Lambert.

Twitter: JennKempin

Berndawgler, Community & Rewards

About Trained in sales, Berndawgler ventured into the NFT space in December 2021, beginning his journey by minting the Rug Radio membership pass and quickly immersing himself within the community.

With prior experience as a community manager at Degenz/Rektguy and Dreamlab, Berndawgler has since taken on the role of Community and Collaborations Manager at Rug Radio.

Twitter: berndawgler

Eve, Executive Assistant

About With a diverse background ranging from from organizing 5-star sports competitions to festivals with over 5,000 attendees, Eve has amped up her skills in sales and project management. Her genuine passion lies in the web3 ecosystem, where she's embraced the degen vibe on Rug Radio France with open arms.

This journey has now led her to the role of Executive and Operation Assistant at Rug Radio where she's excited to share her expertise and foster advancements in this captivating domain.

Twitter: Evknows_

Gman, Tech Lead

About Bringing over 20 years of entrepreneurial experience as the founder of a software development company, Gman joins Rug Radio with a keen interest in helping businesses enhance their efficiency and competitiveness in the global marketplace through software.

With a newfound passion for web3, Gman has been dedicating his expertise towards constructing platforms that distribute the value created by technology more equitably among all participants in the system.

Twitter: gman_eth

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