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A Word from Farokh


Having spent most of my life building communities on social media starting at the age of 12 on Facebook, 15 on Tumblr, 18 on Instagram, then Clubhouse and Twitter in the last 13 months, I've invested a lot of my time and energy into platforms from which I got nothing in exchange.

I joined the NFT space in February 2021, it all immediately clicked. Crypto OG's and Internet kids like myself are able to finally take ownership of the narrative, the conversation and the memes and be rewarded for participating, rather than scrolling and consuming endlessly, thus getting absolutely nothing out of it.

There are a lot of lessons to take from Web2, it is not all bad. In the words of @belikewater893, Web2 helped master the organization of large social networks. Web3, on the other hand, mastered ownership and power.

So what exactly are we launching with Rug Radio? Our goal was to create a decentralized Web3 media platform, but it truly is much more than that. It's a launchpad, an incubator, a brand builder, an accelerator, a creator fund and will grow to be even more with time. The media and the narrative should be owned by the people. If we own the narrative, we have more power to shape the space as a whole, as the community wants to. Now that I have prefaced it, let's start explaining from the beginning…

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