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The Voting Framework outlines the voting process and voting that are used within the RugDAO.
Rug Radio Voting Framework.pdf
A graphical format of the Voting Framework can be found here.
On September 1, 2022, an amendment to this framework was passed that set up a tiered quorum structure.
On December 27, 2022, a second amendment to this framework was passed that reduced quorum tiers, increased voting timeframes, and more.

Glossary of Key Terms

Person A human being regarded as an individual; validation will rely on our strict Humanity Proof Mechanism
Quadratic voting A voting mechanism that allows a single person to repeatedly vote for the same option to express the strength of their will, but with diminishing returns. For example, 1 vote may require 1 $RDAO, then 2 votes will require 4 $RDAO, 3 votes will require 9 $RDAO, and so on. This voting mechanism is often favored by Vitalik Buterin.
Moloch voting 1 person = 1 vote
Quorum The minimum percentage of members capable of voting that must participate in a voting proposal to make it valid
Delegation People may delegate their $RDAO votes to representatives; there will be a cap on the number of moloch and quadratic votes that may be delegated to a single representative.
Veto Intended as a last resort to ensure obviously harmful governance proposals are not passed; would require a Moloch majority approval from the Core Team and DAO Council. Veto power would be revoked in a subsequent Voting proposal when deemed safe.

Humanity Proof Mechanism

To ensure malicious actors or bots do not manipulate voting outcomes, we will leverage a system for individuals to confirm their humanity.
Gitcoin uses the following authentication interface, where users can complete various items to reach a certain number of "points" that will help confirm their humanity.
This shows just a few of "stamps" that can be used to verify humanity

Proposal and Voting Process

RugDAO Proposal Voting Process

Voting Structure by Proposal Type

Voting Proposal Requirements

Future proposals to change the voting structure for various proposal types will require a minimum amount of information in order to be considered. See the following guidelines, which are similar to the columns in the Voting Matrix above.
“proposal_type": "", "title": "", "summary": "", "voting_structure": "", "sponsorship_details": "", "quorum”, “votes_needed": "", "comment _duration": "", "voting_duration": "",