Rug Radio Contributors push the Rug Radio brand and ecosystem forward in a variety of ways ranging from behind the scenes aspects that keep things running to content.

Cory Van Lew, Faces of Web3 Artist

Role: Artist behind Faces of Web3

Twitter: coryvanlew

Tabarnak, Moderator

Role: Moderating our Discord during US peak times

Twitter: NFTabarnak

Headachelikeapillow, Moderator

Role: Moderating our Discord outside of US peak times

Twitter: headachelikeap1

Abhishek, Instagram

Role: Managing our Instagram

Instagram: nyj

LineTrash, Meme King

Role: Meme Guy

Twitter: LineTrash713

John Knopf

Role: Key to establishing the foundation of Rug Radio

Twitter: JohnKnopfPhotos


Role: Development partner and advisor

Twitter: SyndicateDAO


Role: NFT Artist

Twitter: JeremiahThinks

Jess Wiseman

Role: NFT Artist

Twitter: jesslwiseman

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