Rug Radio


All of the Rug Radio terms and acronyms in one place


  • DAO Operational Council: The 7 member council responsible for overseeing the administration of the DAO


  • ERC-721M: A new smart contract standard developed by SyndicateDAO that allows for on-chain composability of assets. Both our Membership Passes and Genesis NFTs are built with this standard.


  • Faces of Web3: Our PFP that was designed in collaboration with Cory Van Lew that will be released in early 2023.


  • Genesis NFT: Our NFTs that yield $RUG token daily depending on rarity
  • Governance Frameworks: The 7 frameworks that act as the guiding principles for the RugDAO
  • gm: good morning...say it back🌞
  • GM WEB3: Our weekday morning show hosted by Farokh, OSF, and Mando from 10:30am - 12pm EST, Monday - Friday on Twitter Spaces


  • Membership Pass: Our NFT that originally acted as a mint pass for the Genesis NFT. This now acts as your key to the entire ecosystem at a more accessible price point.


  • RugDAO: The RugDAO is how the community holds long term ownership in the Rug Radio ecosystem by voting on or proposing improvements to the ecosystem.
  • $RUG: The utility token that can used to swapped for $RDAO, earned through our rewards program, mint our PFP drop, and purchase merch in our store (coming soon!)
  • $RDAO: The governance token used to vote on DAO proposals
  • Rewards Program: Our rewards program gives holders the opportunity to earn $RUG which can be used in a variety of ways through the ecosystem.


  • Snapshot: The platform that we use to capture DAO votes


  • Town Hall: Our bi-weekly Twitter Spaces where the team provides updates about what we've been up to and what's next, hosted on Friday's at 3pm EST.