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Brands we're vibing with and working together to build the future of media.
Metaverse Miami
What is Metaverse Miami? Metaverse Miami is a token-gated Metaverse, NFT, and art innovation conference that is hosted at the Eden Roc in Miami Beach, FL from November 28th - 30th. The conference includes a curated speaker line up from the most well respected people in the space, an NFT ticket that acts as a pass to the conference perpetually, and a peer-to-peer rental pool where you can rent or delegate your ticket.
How are we working together? Rug Radio is the official sponsor and media partner for Metaverse Miami which is hosted by Kenobi, a member of the RugDAO council.
Twitter: MetaverseMiami Kenobi's Twitter: KenobiDesigns
What is TIMEPieces? TIMEPieces is a Web3 community initiative from TIME, created by former TIME President and beloved community member, Kieth Grossman. TIMEPieces represents an important first step in TIME’s Web3 community strategy, enabling artists, collectors and fans to come together in a collaborative manner with the goal of building utility and community value over the long-term.
How are we working together? TIME and Keith Grossman have been long time supporters of Rug Radio since the very beginning and continue to do so in various ways, most notably with event sponsorships.
Twitter: TIMEPieces
What is Syndicate? Syndicate is building the infrastructure and tools that revolutionizes the formation and growth of DAO's.
How are we working together? Syndicate is the official development partner and advisor for the RugDAO. They have developed our smart contracts, specifically the Membership Pass and Genesis NFTs, using ERC-721M that allow for on-chain composability of metadata, settings, roles, and more which can unlock greater potential with our NFTs.
Twitter: SyndicateDAO